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MA in Digital Media

BA in Critical Social Thought & Film Studies

Focus and interest: Philosophy, Video art & Digital Media

‘foreigner’ is a slight paraphrase of my name jepchumba. I was born in Arizona to Kenyan parents . From there I have lived in Kenya, India, Djibouti, Tanzania,  United States and now the UK. I have a passion for thinkers and people who are constantly generating new ideas, ways of thinking and how we perceive the world. I also have a deep interest in media education and I am constantly assessing the way we read images and text. I am studying digital media and the effect of how technology has changed art and culture.  I am always looking for inspiration so this is my creative space to do just that, my space to collect the best of digital art, video art, technology and ideas.

check out my website:



  1. keep going. you are full of promise

  2. Nice to meet you. We have some similar hobbies.

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